Volume 17, Number 1, January 2019

APRC special issue
  • L. A. Thompson, Wade Davis, Phil D. Young, Dean M. Young, Jeannie S. Hill
  • Chenyang Shi, Puntipa Wanitjirattikal
  • George Choueiry, Pascale Salameh
  • Chih-Hsiung Su, Fengjun Tu, Xinyu Zhang, Ben-Chang Shia, Tian-Shyug Lee
  • Maxim Tang, Octavia Wei
  • Pei-De Wang, Mingchin Chen
  • Wei Xiong, Maozai Tian
Journal of Data Science common issue
  • Jagriti Das and Dilip C. Nath
  • Jahidur Rahman Khan, Srizan Chowdhury, Humayera Islam, Enayetur Raheem
  • Abdulaziz Alenazi

Volume 16, Number 4, October 2018

  • Piyush Kant Rai, Sarla Pareek, Hemlata Joshi and Shiwani Tiwari
  • H. M. Yousof, S. M. A. Jahanshahi, T. G. Ramires, G. R. Aryal and G.G. Hamedani
  • Shalini Chandra, Kriti Kumari
  • Amal S. Hassan and Said G. Nassr
  • H. M. Yousof, Emrah Altun, G.G. Hamedani
  • Michail Tsagris and Manos Papadakis
  • Thiago A. N. De Andrade, Luz M. Zea
  • Boikanyo Makubate, Masego Otlaadisa, Broderick O. Oluyede, Adeniyi F. Fagbamigbe, Alphonso Amey
  • John M. Williamson, Hung-Mo Lin, Hae-Young Kim
  • David D. Hanagal and Nileema N. Bhalerao

Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) special issue call for papers

Volume 16, Number 3, July 2018

  • Boikanyo Makubate, Neo Dingalo, Broderick O. Oluyede, Adeniyi F. Fagbamigbe
    The Exponentiated Burr XII Weibull Distribution: Model, Properties and Applications
  • Haocheng Li, Jingjing Wu, Jian Yang
  • Ahmed Z. Afify, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Marcelo Bourguignon, Edwin M. M. Ortega
    Properties of the Transmuted Burr XII Distribution, Regression and its Applications
  • Esin Avcı
    Using Count Regression Models to Determine the Factors which Effects the Hospitalization Number of People with Schizophrenia
  • Kawsar Fatima, Uzma Jan, S.P Ahmad
    Statistical Properties of Rayleigh Lomax distribution with applications in Survival Analysis
  • N. Ekhosuehi, F. Opone, F. Odobaire
  • Janardan Mahanta, Soma Chowdhury Biswas, Manindra Kumar Roy
    Estimating the parameters of Azzalini model by Bayesian approach under symmetric and asymmetric loss functions
  • Beyaztas Ufuk, Alin Aylin, Bandyopadhyay Soutir
    Iterated suffcient m-out-of-n (m/n) bootstrap for non-regular smooth function models
  • Subrata Chakraborty, Laba Handique
  • Devendra Kumar, Neetu Jain
    Power generalized Weibull distribution based on generalised order statistics

Volume 16, Number 2, April 2018

  • Adewale F. Lukman, Kayode Ayinde
    Detecting Influential observations in Two-Parameter Liu-Ridge Estimator
  • Taciana K. O. Shimizu, Francisco Louzada, Adriano K. Suzuki, Ricardo S. Ehlers
    Modeling Compositional Regression With Uncorrelated and Correlated Errors: A Bayesian Approach
  • M.H.Tahir, Gauss M Cordeiro, M.Mansoor, Ayman Alzaatreh, M.Zubair
    A New Generalized Family of Distributions from Bounded Support
  • Amal S. Hassan, and Marwa Abd-Allah
    Exponentiated Weibull-Lomax Distribution: Properties and Estimation
  • Jack D. Tubbs, Johanna S. van Zyl
    Multiple Comparison Methods in Zero-dose Control Trials
  • Mustafa C¸ a˘gatay Korkmaz, Haitham M. Yousof ,Mahdi Rasekhi, G. G. Hamedani
    The Odd Lindley Burr XII Model: Bayesian Analysis, Classical Inference and Characterizations
  • Keenen Cates, Pengcheng Xiao, Zeyu Zhang, Calvin Dailey
    Can emoticons be used to predict sentiment?
  • D. Hamed, F. Famoye, C. Lee
    On Families of Generalized Pareto Distributions: Properties and Applications
  • Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq, Corresponding author, M. Elgarhy, Sharqa Hashmi, Gamze Ozel
    Transmuted Weibull Power Function Distribution: its Properties and Applications
  • Hassan Naseri , S.Esmaeil Najafi,Abbas Saghaei
    Common Weights in DEA Models with Reduced Singular Value Decomposition

Volume 16, Number 1, January 2018

  • Ian Dent, Tony Craig, Uwe Aickelin, Tom Rodden
    A Method for Evaluating Options for Motif Detection in Electricity Meter Data
  • Jitendra Kumar, Saurabh Kumar, Umme Afifa, Ranjan Raj
    An Alternative Approach of Handling the Outlier: A Case with Indian NPS
  • M. M. Saber, A. R. Nematollahi, M. Mohammadzadeh
    Generalized Asymmetric Laplace random fields: Existence and Application
  • Tagdira Naznin Smriti , Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan
    Efficiency Analysis of Manufacturing Firms Using Data Envelopment Analysis Technique
  • Esra Polat
    Determination of the Effective Economic and/or Demographic Indicators in
    Classification of European Union Member and Candidate Countries Using
    Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis
  • A. A. Olosunde, A. T. Soyinka
    On Interval Estimation for Exponential Power Distribution Parameters
  • Amal S. Hassan, Said G. Nassr
  • Yue Fang
    Specification Tests for Families of Discrete Distributions with Applications to Insurance Claims Data
  • Diba Khana, Lauren M. Rossen , Holly Hedegaard , Margaret Warner
  • Kirtee K. Kamalja, Yogita S. Wagh
    Estimation in zero-inflated Generalized Poisson distribution

Volume 15, Number 4, October 2017

  • Esin AVCI
  • Amal S. Hassan , Salwa M. Assar
    The Exponentiated Weibull-Power Function Distribution
  • Dimitris Panaretos , George Tzavelas , Malvina Vamvakari , Demosthenes Panagiotakos
    Factor Analysis as a tool for Pattern Recognition in biomedical research; a review with application in R software
  • José A. Montoya
    On the problem of comparing the means of two independent lognormal distributions
  • Md. Mazharul Islam , Jahidur Rahman Khan , Enayetur Raheem
    Bradley-Terry model for assessing the performance of ten ODI cricket teams adjusting for home ground effect
  • Jing Chang , Herbert K.H. Lee
    Graphical jump method for neural networks
  • Broderick Oluyede , Lornah Lepetu , Boikanyo Makubate , Susan Foya , Precious Mdlongwa
    Marshall-Olkin Log-Logistic Extended Weibull Distribution: Theory, Properties and Applications
  • Haitham M. Yousof , Morad Alizadeh , S. M. A. Jahanshahi , Thiago G. Ramires , Indranil Ghosh , G.G.Hamedani
    The Transmuted Topp-Leone G Family of Distributions: Theory, Characterizations and Applications

Volume 15, Number 3 , July 2017

  • Ceyhun Ozgur
    Matlab vs. Python vs. R
  • John Salmon
    A Data Analytics Approach to Evaluation of Competition in the 2012 Summer Olympics
  • Shrihari Vasudevan
  • najmieh
  • Rasekhi Mahdi
    The Generalized Odd Generalized Exponential Family of Distributions: Properties, Characterizations and Applications
  • Devendra Kumar
    The Burr Type XII Distribution
  • Harsha S
  • Renata Rojas Guerra
    The gamma Burr XII distribution: Theory and application
  • Kesheng Wang
    Comparison of Cox regression and Parametric Models for Survival Analysis of Genetic Variants in HNF1B gene Related to Age at Onset of Cancer
  • Subrata
    The Generalized Marshall-Olkin-Kumaraswamy-G family of distributions

Volume 15, Number 2 , April 2017

Volume 15, Number 1, January 2017

  • Ayfer Ezgi Yilmaz, Tulay Saracbasi
  • Haitham M. Yousof, Ahmed M. Gad
    Bayesian Semi-Parametric Logistic Regression Model with Application to Credit Scoring Data
  • Shahzadi Arifa, Mohammad Zafar Yab and Azeem Ali
    The Modified Burr III G family of Distributions
  • Subhradev Sen and N. Chandra
    The quasi xgamma distribution with application in bladder cancer data
  • Atanu Bhattacharjee, Vijay M Patil
    Determining an Optimum Biological Dose of a Metronomic Chemotherapy
  • Manik Awale, T. V. Ramanathan and Mohan Kale
  • M. Iftakhar Alam and Md. Ismail Hossain
    On Performance of the 3+3 Design and its Modi_ed Versions for
    Dose Finding in Phase I Clinical Trials
  • Sahana Bhattacharjee, Kishore Kumar Das
    Comparison of estimation methods of the joint density of a circular and linear variable
  • Brijesh P. Singh, Upasana Shukla
    An Extension of Poisson Distribution and its Applications in Human Reproduction
  • Mojtaba Alizadeh, Sadegh Rezaei, Saralees Nadarajah, Seyyed Fazel Bagheri

Volume 14, Number 4, October 2016

  • Xiaohu Li, Linxiong Li, Rui Fang
  • Shusen Pu, Broderick O. Oluyede, Yuqi Qiu, Daniel Linder
    A Generalized Class of Exponentiated Modified Weibull Distribution with Applications
  • David D. Hanagal, Asmita T. Kamble
    Bayesian Estimation in Shared Positive Stable Frailty Models
  • Beste H. Beyaztas, Esin Firuzan
    An empirical comparison of block bootstrap methods: traditional and newer ones
  • Tatiana Reis Icuma, Isabela Panzeri Carlotti Buzatto, Daniel Guimarães Tiezzi, Jorge Alberto Achcar, Nasser Davarzani
    Use of bivariate lifetime distributions assuming continuous or discrete data applied to patients with breast cancer
  • Abouzar Bazyari
    More Powerful Test for Homogeneity of Means Under an Order Restriction in Time Series with Stationary Process
  • Edson Zangiacomi Martinez, Jorge Alberto Achcar, Marcos Vinicius de Oliveira Peres, Jose Andre Mota de Queiroz
    A brief note on the simulation of survival data with a desired percentage of right-censored data
  • Pannapa Changpetch, Dennis K. J. Lin
    Equivalent Models in Association Rule Analysis
  • Esra Polat, Semra Turkan
    The Comparison of Classical and Robust Biased Regression Methods on an Unemployment Data
  • Yuhui Chen
    A Copula-Based Supervised Learning Classification for Continuous and Discrete Data

Volume 14, Number 3, July 2016

  • Thiago A. N. de Andrade, Marcelo Bourguignon, Gauss M. Cordeiro
    The exponentiated generalized extended exponential distribution
  • Said H. Alkarni
    Generalized extended Weibull power series family of distributions
  • Rasool Roozegar, Alireza Khoshdel
    Using Unconditional Logistic Regression to Assess Prostate Cancer Risk Factors: Practical Messages for Public Health
  • Abdelfattah Mustafa, Beih S. El-Desouky, Shamsan AL-Garash
    The Weibull Generalized Flexible Weibull Extension Distribution
  • Ramaprasad Bhar
    Interconnectedness in Credit Market: An Empirical Investigation Using UK and US CDS Data
  • Erlandson F. Saraiva, Luis A. Milan†
  • Hsiang-Chuan Liu, Wei-Sung Chen, Wei-Guang Tsaur, Hung-Ming Yeh, Chung-Ling Huh
    An evaluation of the Balance and Variation of DEMATELs by Using Liu’s Integrated Validity Index
  • Holmes Finch, Maria Hernandez Finch
    Fitting Exploratory Factor Analysis Models with High Dimensional Psychological Data
  • Sanjay Kumar Singh, Umesh Singh, Suparna Basu
    A Study of Age Distribution of Prostate Cancer Detection
  • Mousa Albashrawi
    Detecting Financial Fraud Using Data Mining Techniques: A Decade Review from 2004 to 2015

Volume 14, Number 2, April 2016

  • Wang, Duolao
    A Box-Cox approach to QT interval correction for heart rate
  • Robert A. Cribbie, Megan Jennings , Robert Cribbie
    Comparing Pre-Post Change Across Groups: Guidelines for Choosing between Difference Scores, ANCOVA, and Residual Change Scores
  • Young-Jin Lee
    Predicting Students’ Problem Solving Performance using Support Vector Machine
  • Ahmed Z. Afify, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Haitham M. Yousof, Ayman Alzaatreh, Zohdy M. Nofal
    The Kumaraswamy Transmuted-G Family of Distributions: Properties and Applications
  • Abdalla Abdel-Ghaly, Hanan Aly, Elham Abdel-Rahman
    Adapting the Modified Extended Neyman’s Smooth Test to Be Used in Accelerated Failure Time Models
  • Emílio Coelho-Barros, Jorge Achcar, Josmar Mazucheli
    Bivariate Weibull Distributions Derived From Copula Functions In The Presence Of Cure Fraction And Censored Data
  • Broderick Oluyede
    Beta Linear Failure Rate Geometric Distribution with Applications
  • Gamze Özel
  • Francis Erebholo, Paul Bezandry, Victor Apprey, John Kwagyan
    A Correlated Binary Model for Ignorable Missing Data: Application to Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Data
  • Hsiang-Chuan Liu, Wei-Sung Chen, Wei-Guang Tsaur, Hung-Ming Yeh, Shih-Shiunn Chen, Yu Seng Tien, Chin-Long Hsu
    Evaluation of the Balance and Variation of DEMATELs by Using Liu’s Integrated Validity Index

Volume 14, Number 1, January 2016

  • David Liu
    The Performances of Hybrid Artificial Neural Network Models for Option Pricing during Financial Crises
  • Ramaprasad Bhar
    Interconnectedness in Credit Market: An Empirical Investigation Using UK and US CDS Dat
  • Murat ERISOGLU, Yasin ASAR
  • Devendra Kumar
  • Guy Cafri
    Understanding Variable Effects from Black Box Prediction: Quantifying Effects in Random Forests Using Partial Dependence
  • Yefei JIANG, Kim-Fatt KHIEW, Tsuey-Lan WANG, Mark Y.S.LIN
    Prediction of Hypothyroidism Disease by Data Mining Technique
  • Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan
    Contraceptive Method Choices among Women in Oman: A Multilevel Analysis
  • Tamanna Islam, Mikinori Tsuiki
    Spatial Distribution of Air Dose Rate in Grazing Grassland
  • Mohammad Samsul Alam, Syed Shahadat Hossain
    A Geostatistical Approach to Predict the Average Annual Rainfall of Bangladesh
  • Muhammad Mansoor, Ayman Alzaatreh, Muhammad Hussain Tahir, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Muhammad Zubair, Syed S.A.
    An extended Fr´echet distribution: Properties and applications

Volume 13, Number 4, October 2015

  • Kent Riggs
    Confidence Intervals for a Proportion Using Inverse Sampling when the Data is Subject to False-positive Misclassification
  • Yaoyuan V. Tan, Carol A.C. Flannagan, Jonathan D. Rupp and Michael R.Elliott
  • Esra Polat, Suleyman Gunay
  • Debasis Kundu
    Bivariate Geometric (Maximum) Generalized Exponential Distribution
  • Saad J. Almalki and Saralees Nadarajah
    Comparing the exponentiated and generalized modified Weibull distributions
  • Sudhansu S. Maitiand Sukanta Pramanik
    Odds Generalized Exponential – Exponential Distribution
  • Nasser Davarzani, Jorge Alberto Achcar , Evgueni Nikolaevich Smirnov ,Ralf Peeters
    Bivariate lifetime geometric distribution in presence of cure fraction
  • Francisco Louzada, Paulo H. Ferreira
    On the classical estimation of bivariate copula-based Seemingly unrelated tobit models through the proposed inference function for augmented margins method
  • Subhradev Sen, Biji M S, Santam Chakraborty, Sindhu N R, Satheesan Balasubramanian
    Pairwise Comparison in Repeated Scores-Application in Palliative Cancer Patients
  • Abbas Pak, Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi
    Estimation of lifetime distribution parameters with general progressive censoring from Imprecise data

Volume 13, Number 2, April 2015

  • Faton Merovci and Ibrahim Elbatal
    A New Generalization of Exponentiated Modified Weibull Distribution
  • Raquel C. da Silva, Jeniffer J. D. Sanchez, Fabio P. Lima and Gauss M. Cordeiro
    T The Kumaraswamy Gompertz Distribution
  • Gyan Prakash
    A Comparative Study Based On Bayes Estimation Under Different Censoring Criterio
  • Broderick O. Oluyede, Fedelis Mutiso and Shujiao Huang
    The Log Generalized Lindley-Weibull Distribution with Application
  • G.P. Singh, A. Tripathi, S.K.Singh, Umesh Singh and O.P. Singh
    Analysis of Child Mortality for Muslim women of Uttar Pradesh, India: an application of Bayesian Frailty Model
  • Vu Nguyen, Dinh Phung and Svetha Venkatesh
    Topic Model Kernel Classification With Probabilistically Reduced Features
  • Shrihari Vaasudevan, Arman Melkumyan and Steven Scheding
    Efficacy of Data Fusion Using Convolved Multi-output Gaussian Processes
  • Arjun K. Gupta and Mohammad A. Aziz
    Comonotonic Approximations for The Sum of Log Unified Skew Normal Random Variables: Applications in Finance and Actuarial Science
  • Maria do Carmo S. Lima, Gauss M. Cordeiro and Edwin M. M. Ortega
    A new extension of the normal distribution
  • Sadraque E.F. Lucena, Ana Hermínia A. Silva, Gauss M. Cordeiro
    The Transmuted Generalized Gamma Distribution: Properties and Application

Volume 12, Number 4, October 2014

  • F. Mohammadi Basatini and Rahim Chinipardaz
    Softmax Model as Generalization upon Logistic Discrimination Suffers from Overfitting
  • Zawar Hussain, Muhammad Abid, Javid Shabbir and Nasir Abbas
    On Bayesian Analysis of A General Class of Randomized Response Models in Social Surveys about Stigmatized Traits
  • Gordon G. Bechtel
    Data-Syntactic Regression of Ill-Being
  • G. Srinivasa Rao and B. Srinivasa Rao
    Group Acceptance Sampling Plans for Resubmitted Lots for Life Tests Based on Half Logistic Distribution
  • Gauss M. Cordeiro, Rodrigo R. Pescim, Clarice G.B. Demétrio and Edwin M.M. Ortega
    The Kummer Beta Generalized Gamma Distribution
  • Shiva Gautam
    A-Kappa: A measure of Agreement among Multiple Raters
  • Hadi Emami and Mostafa Emami
    Local Influence in Constrained General Linear Models
  • Krystallenia Drosou, Stelios Georgiou, Christos Koukouvinos and Stella Stylianou
    Support Vector Machines classification on class imbalanced data: a case study with real medical data
  • S. Tahmasebi, A. A. Jafari
  • Kam-Fai Wong, Weng-Kee Wong and Miao-Shan Lin
    Forward Selection Two Sample Binomial Test

Volume 13, Number 3, July 2015

  • Dilip C Nath, Atanu Bhattacharjee and Ramesh K Vishwakarma
    The Cure Rate Modeling: An Application with Bayesian approach in Liver Cirrhosis Patients
  • Behdad Mostafaiy and Mohammad Reza Faridrohani
  • Aboobacker Jahufer
    Choosing the Best Performing GARCH Model for Sri Lanka Stock Market by Non-Parametric Specification Test
  • Barry Hettler, Nonna Sorokina, Yertai Tanai and David Booth
    Analyst Optimism in the Automotive Industry: A post-bailout boost and methodological insights
  • Shruti Verma Kaushalendra K. Singhy
    Modelling the Distribution of Age at Last Conception of Females
  • Rodrigo R. Pescim and Saralees Nadarajah
    The Kummer Beta Normal: A New Useful-Skew Model
  • Gamze Ozel, Semra Turkan
    Neyman type A distribution for the natural disasters and related casualties in Turkey
  • Umesh Singh, Sanjay Kumar Singh and Abhimanyu Singh Yadav
    Bayesian Estimation for Exponentiated Gamma Distribution Under Progressive Type-II Censoring Using Di erent Approximation Techniques
  • David D. Hanagal and Arvind Pandey
    Inverse Gaussian Shared Frailty Models with Generalized Exponential and Generalized Inverted Exponential as Baseline Distributions
  • S.M.T.K. MirMostafaee, M. Mahdizadeh and Saralees Nadarajah
    The beta Lindley distribution

Volume 13, Number 1, January 2015

  • Yungtai Lo
    Assessing Effects of An Intervention on Bottle-Weaning and Reducing Daily Milk Intake from Bottles in Toddlers Using Two-Part Random Effects Models
  • Sanjay Kumar Singh, Umesh Singh, Vikas Kumar Sharma, Manoj Kumar
    Estimation for flexible Weibull extension under progressive Type-II censoring
  • Rand R. Wilcox and Florence Clark
    Robust Multiple Comparisons Based On Combined Probabilities From Independent Tests
  • Alisson de O. Silva, Luana Cecília M. da Silva, Gauss M. Cordeiro
    The Extended Dagum Distribution: Properties and Application
  • Anup Kumar and R. C. Yadava
    Usual Closed Birth Interval versus Most Recent Closed Birth Interval
  • U. A. Osisiogu and Nwosu C. A.
    Predicting Future CD4 Cell Counts of HIV/AIDS Patients by Non Stationary Markov Chain: A Case Study of Anambra State
  • Junfeng Liu and Dipak K. Dey
    A Type of Sample Size Planning for Mean Comparison in Clinical Trials
  • Chan, J. S .K.
    Predicting Loss Reserves Using Quantile Regression
  • Stephen J. Ganocy and Jiayang Sun
    Heteroscedastic Change Point Analysis and Application to Footprint Data
  • Sadraque E.F. Lucena, Ana Hermínia A. Silva, Gauss M. Cordeiro
    The Transmuted Generalized Gamma Distribution: Properties and Application

Volume 12, Number 3, July 2014

  • Carrie E. Smith and Robert Cribbie
    Factorial ANOVA with unbalanced data: A fresh look at the types of sums of squares
  • Santanu Dutta
    Bandwidth Selection For Kernel Based Interval Estimation Of A Density
  • Roy St. Laurent and Philip Turk
    Power of a Rank-Based Test for Differences Between Treatment Distributions in a Randomized Complete Block Design
  • Hua He, Wenjuan Wang, Paul Crits-Christoph, Robert Gallop, Wan Tang, Ding-Geng (Din) Chen and Xin M. Tu
    On the implication of structural zeros as independent variables in regression analysis: applications to alcohol research
  • Xiaohu Li
    Copula-based Logistic Regression Models for Bivariate Binary Responses
  • Mark Rempel
    Using Visualization to Support Investment & Divestment Decisions in the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Faramarz Kashanchi and Pranesh Kumar
    Copulas Applications in Estimating Value-at-Risk (VaR): Iranian Crude Oil Prices
  • Michail Tsagris
    The k-NN algorithm for compositional data: a revised approach with and without zero values present
  • Xue J. Ma and Feng X. He
    Power Weighted Quantile Regression and Its Application
  • Zhaoyuan Li, Sibo Liu and Maozai Tian
    Collective Behavior of Equity Returns and Market Volatility

Volume 12, Number 2, April 2014

  • Qing Xiao
    Generating correlated random vector by Johnson system
  • Francisco Louzada, Adriano K. Suzuki and Luis E. B. Salasa
    Predicting Match Outcomes in the English Premier League: Which Will Be the Final Rank?
  • Aaron T. Porter, Jacob J. Oleson and Charles O. Stanier
    On the Spatio-Temporal Relationship Between MODIS AOD and PM2.5 Particulate Matter Measurements
  • Nick Redfern
    Robust estimation of the mAR index of high grossing films at the US box office, 1935 to 2005
  • Jennifer S.K. Chan
    Analysis of Correlation Structures using Generalized Estimating Equation Approach for Longitudinal Binary Data
  • Alok Kumar Dwivedi, MB Rao, Sada Nand Dwivedi, S.V. S. Deo and Rakesh Shukla
    On Classifying At Risk Latent Zeros Using Zero Inflated Models
  • Yuhui Chen
    A New Polya Tree Construction Facilitating A Goodness-of-Fit Test
  • U. Sangeethaa, M. Subbiahb, M.R. Srinivasanc and B. Nandramd
    Sensitivity Analysis Of Bayes Factor For Categorical Data With Emphasis On Sparse Multinomial Data
  • Jos´e Arturo Montoya and Francisco Javier Rubio
    Nonparametric inference for P(X < Y ) with paired variables
  • Neil A. Smart and Michael Steele
    A comparison of individual patient analysis versus pooled study meta-analysis methodologies of exercise training trials in heart failure patients

Volume 12, Number 1, January 2014

  • Seyed Saeed Ahmadi and Patrice Gaillardetz
    Two Factor Stochastic Mortality Modeling with Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
  • Gordon G. Bechtel
    Does Sentiment or Anxiety Drive Consumer Demand?
  • Christina Parpoula, Krystallenia Drosou, Christos Koukouvinos and Kalliopi Mylona
    A New Variable Selection Approach Inspired by Supersaturated Designs Given a Large-Dimensional Dataset
  • Marcelo Bourguignon, Rodrigo B. Silva and Gauss M. Cordeiro
    The Weibull-G Family of Probability Distributions
  • Ulku Erisoglu and Murat Erisoglu
    L-Moments Estimations for Mixture of Weibull Distributions
  • Saralees Nadarajah and Sumaya Eljabri
    On Chen et al.‘s Extreme Value Distribution
  • Edwin M. M. Ortega, Gladys D. C. Barriga, Elizabeth M. Hashimoto, Vicente G. Cancho and Gauss M. Cordeiro
    A New Class of Survival Regression Models with Cure Fraction
  • Piyush Kant Rai, Sarla Pareek and Hemlata Joshi
    On the Estimation of Probability Model for the Number of Female Child Births among Females
  • Sanjay Kumar Singh, Umesh Singh and Manoj Kumar
    Estimation for the Parameter of Poisson-Exponential Distribution under Bayesian Paradigm
  • Ling Xu, Edward J. Bedrick, Timothy Hanson and Carla Restrepo
    A Comparison of Statistical Tools for Identifying Modality in Body Mass Distributions
  • Gordon G. Bechtel
    Does Globalization Mitigate Income Inequality?

Volume 11, Number 4, October 2013

  • Announcement of Our New Editor
  • Javier E. Contreras-Reyes
    Nonparametric Assessment of Aftershock Clusters of the Maule Earthquake Mw = 8.8
  • Harold S. Haller, J. Stephen Jones, Ayman Moussa, Ahmed El-Shafei and Tanujit Dey
    Value of Serial PSA Measurements for Prostate Cancer Prediction on Screening Using a Maximum Likelihood Estimation – Prostate Specific Antigen (MLE-PSA) Model
  • Naisheng Wang and Yan Lu
    Adapted Autoregressive Model and Volatility Model with Application
  • Nardnisa Sintupisut and Chen-Hsiang Yeang
    Sequence Mutations of Genes Pertaining to Malignancy in Cancer
  • Trent L. Lalonde, Anh Q. Nguyen, Jianqiong Yin, Kyle Irimata and Jeffrey R. Wilson
    Modeling Correlated Binary Outcomes with Time-Dependent Covariates
  • Saralees Nadarajah and Sumaya Eljabri
    The Kumaraswamy GP Distribution
  • Richard L. Einsporn and Desale Habtzghi
    Combining Paired and Two-Sample Data Using a Permutation Test
  • Marcelino A. R. Pascoa, Claudia M. M. de Paiva, Gauss M. Cordeiro and Edwin M. M. Ortega
    The Log-Kumaraswamy Generalized Gamma Regression Model with Application to Chemical Dependency Data
  • Jorge Alberto Achcar, Gian Franco Napa and Roberto Molina De Souza
    A Bayesian Analysis of the Spherical Distribution in Presence of Covariates
  • Kenneth Pietz, Laura A. Petersen and LeChauncy D. Woodard
    Dealing with Failures of Assumptions in Analyses of Medical Care Quality Indicators with Large Databases Using Clustering
  • Rahim Mahmoudvand, Fatemeh Alehosseini and Mohammad Zokaei
    Feasibility of Singular Spectrum Analysis in the Field of Forecasting Mortality Rate

Volume 11, Number 3, July 2013

  • Announcement of Our New Editor
  • Harold S. Haller, Tanujit Dey, Lisaann S. Gittner and Susan M. Ludington-Hoe
    Use of Serial Weight and Length Measurements in Children from Birth to Two Years of Age to Predict Obesity at Five Years of Age
  • Mahdi Teimouri and Arjun K. Gupta
    On the Three-Parameter Weibull Distribution Shape Parameter Estimation
  • Alyaa Roshdy Zahran
    Two-Level Factorial Design with Circular Response: Model and Analysis
  • Ling-Jing Kao, Fengyi Lin and Chun Yuan Yu
    Bayesian Behavior Scoring Model
  • Ali Unlu, Anatol Sargin and Martin Viehrig
    Mosaics for Visualizing Knowledge Structures
  • Gianmarco Alberti
    Making Sense of Contingency Tables in Archaeology: the Aid of
    Correspondence Analysis to Intra-Site Activity Areas Research
  • Christopher H. Mehl
    An Empirical Study of an Adaptive Langevin Algorithm for
    Bounded Target Densities
  • Bernd Klaus
    Effect Size Estimation and Misclassification Rate Based Variable Selection in Linear Discriminant Analysis
  • Frederick K. H. Phoa and Wei-Chung Liu
    High-Quality Winners Take More: Modeling Non-Scale-Free Bulletin Forums with Content Variations
  • Nonna Sorokina, David E. Booth and John H. Thornton, Jr.
    Robust Methods in Event Studies: Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Implications
  • R. C. Yadava, Anup Kumar and Mahendra Pratap
    Estimation of Parity Progression Ratios from Open and Closed Birth Interval Data

Volume 11, Number 2, April 2013

  • Announcement of Our New Editor
  • Vartan Choulakian, Jacques Allard and Biagio Simonetti
    Multiple Taxicab Correspondence Analysis of a Survey Related
    to Health Services
  • Wenhao Gui, Pei-Hua Chen and Haiyan Wu
    A Folded Normal Slash Distribution and Its Applications to Non-negative Measurements
  • Lawrence E. Barker, Theodore J. Thompson, Karen A. Kirtland, James P.
    Boyle, Linda S. Geiss, Mary M. McCauley and Ann L. Albright
    Bayesian Small Area Estimates of Diabetes Incidence by United States County, 2009
  • Ayele Taye Goshu and Zelalem Getahun Dessie
    Modelling Progression of HIV/AIDS Disease Stages Using
    Semi-Markov Processes
  • Rand R. Wilcox
    A Heteroscedastic Method for Comparing Regression Lines at Specified Design Points When Using a Robust Regression Estimator
  • Hakim Bekrizadeh, Gholam Ali Parham and Mohammad Reza Zadkarmi
    Weighted Clayton Copulas and their Characterizations: Application to Probable Modeling of the Hydrology Data
  • Abbas Pak, Gholam Ali Parham and Mansour Saraj
    On Estimation of Rayleigh Scale Parameter under Doubly Type-II Censoring from Imprecise Data
  • Piyush Kant Rai, Sarla Pareek and Hemlata Joshi
    Regression Analysis of Collinear Data using r-k Class Estimator: Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors Affecting the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) in India
  • Tanujit Dey
    modelSampler: An R Tool for Variable Selection and Model Exploration in Linear Regression
  • Yuan Kang and Nedret Billor
    Variable Selection in the Chlamydia Pneumoniae Lung Infection Study

Volume 11, Number 1, January 2013

  • Gauss M. Cordeiro, Edwin M. M. Ortega and Daniel C. C. da Cunha
    The Exponentiated Generalized Class of Distributions
  • Rahim Mahmoudvand, Alireza Edalati and Farhad Shokoohi
    Bonus-Malus System in Iran: An Empirical Evaluation
  • Martijn Tennekes, Edwin de Jonge and Piet J. H. Daas
    Visualizing and Inspecting Large Datasets with Tableplots
  • Saeid Tahmasebi
    Notes on Entropy for Concomitants of Record Values in Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern (FGM) Family
  • G. S. David Sam Jayakumar and Bejoy John Thomas
    A New Procedure of Clustering Based on Multivariate Outlier Detection
  • Dilli Bhatta and Balgobin Nandram
    A Bayesian Adjustment of the HP Law via a Switching Nonlinear Regression Model
  • David D. Hanagal and Alok D. Dabade
    A Comparative Study of Shared Frailty Models for Kidney Infection Data with Generalized Exponential Baseline Distribution
  • Narameth Nananukul
    An Inference Model for Online Media Users
  • Joseph Ngatchou-Wandji and Jan Bulla
    On Choosing a Mixture Model for Clustering
  • Majnu John
    Derivation of Sample Size Formula for Cluster Randomized Trials with Binary Responses Using a General Continuity Correction Factor and Identification of Optimal Settings for Small Event Rates
  • Recognition of Referees

Volume 10, Number 4, October 2012

  • Rajan Sarma and Labananda Choudhury
    A Critique of Infant Mortality Estimates in India
  • Peter Congdon
    A Model for Spatially Disaggregated Trends and Forecasts of Diabetes Prevalence
  • Rudy A. Gideon
    Obtaining Estimators from Correlation Coefficients: The Correlation Estimation System and R
  • Shu-Chuan Chen, Lung-An Li, Shen Li and Jiping He
    Influence of Choices of Statistical Models on Neural Spike Trend
  • Christos Koukouvinos and Christina Parpoula
    Variable Selection and Computation of the Prior Probability of a Model via ROC Curves Methodology
  • Xu Zhang
    Nonparametric Inference for Inverse Probability Weighted Estimators with a Randomly Truncated Sample
  • Gordon G. Bechtel
    The Societal Impact of Economic Anxiety
  • Vitor A. A. Marchi, Francisco A. R. Rojas and Francisco Louzada
    The Chi-plot and Its Asymptotic Confidence Interval for Analyzing Bivariate Dependence: An Application to the Average Intelligence and Atheism Rates across Nations Data
  • Chiao-Yi Yang
    Estimation of Linear Regression Models with Serially Correlated Errors
  • Joseph Kang, Xiaogang Su and Kiang Liu
    Tree-Structured Assessment of Causal Odds Ratio with Large Observational Study Data Sets

Volume 10, Number 3, July 2012

  • Mei-Hui Guo, Ching-An Liu and Shih-Feng Huang
    Dynamic Co-movement Detection of High Frequency Financial Data
  • Tanujit Dey
    A Bimodal Spike and Slab Model for Variable Selection and Model Exploration
  • Waqas Ahmed Malik and Antony Unwin
    Interactive Graphics for Analysing Quality of Survey Data
  • Kinfemichael Gedif, William R. Schucany, Wayne A. Woodward, Richard F. Gunst, Patrick S. Carmack and Robert W. Haley
    Detecting Brain Activations in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Experiments with a Maximum Cross-Correlation Statistic
  • James S. Fleming
    The Case for Hyperplane Fitting Rotations in Factor Analysis: A Comparative Study of Simple Structure
  • Chong Ho Yu, Charles Kaprolet, Angel Jannasch-Pennell and Samuel DiGangi
    A Data Mining Approach to Comparing American and Canadian Grade 10 Students' PISA Science Test Performance
  • Yuanhui Xiao, Ruiguang Song, Mi Chen and H. Irene Hall
    Direct and Unbiased Multiple Imputation Methods for Missing Values of Categorical Variables
  • Cheng-Der Fuh, Kwok Wah Remus Ho, Inchi Hu and Ren-Her Wang
    Option Pricing with Markov Switching
  • Francisco Louzada, Adriano K. Suzuki, Vicente G. Cancho, Fátima L. Prince and Gilberto A. Pereira
    The Long-Term Bivariate Survival FGM Copula Model: An Application to a Brazilian HIV Data
  • Adrian Gepp, J. Holton Wilson, Kuldeep Kumar and Sukanto Bhattacharya
    A Comparative Analysis of Decision Trees Vis-à-vis Other Computational Data Mining Techniques in Automotive Insurance Fraud Detection

Volume 10, Number 2, April 2012

  • Minggen Lu and Wei Yang
    Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis of Complex Survey Data with Application to BRFSS Data
  • Timothy Hanson and Garnett P. McMillan
    Scheffe Style Simultaneous Credible Bands for Regression Surfaces with Application to Ache Honey Gathering
  • Gauss M. Cordeiro, Rodrigo R. Pescim and Edwin M. M. Ortega
    The Kumaraswamy Generalized Half-Normal Distribution for Skewed Positive Data
  • Sudhansu S. Maiti and Mithu Dey
    Tilted Normal Distribution and Its Survival Properties
  • Mari Roman, Francisco Louzada, Vicente G. Cancho and Jose G. Leite
    A New Long-Term Survival Distribution for Cancer Data
  • B. Ismail and Anjum Khan
    Image De-noising with a New Threshold Value Using Wavelets
  • Xiaoxia Feng and Dejun Xie
    Bayesian Estimation of CIR Model
  • Gordon G. Bechtel
    Regressing the Propensity to Vote
  • Jaewon Jang and David B. Hitchcock
    Model-Based Cluster Analysis of Democracies
  • Antti Liski, Ioan Tabus, Reijo Sund and Unto Hakkinen
    Variable Selection by sNML Criterion in Logistic Regression with an Application to a Risk-Adjustment Model for Hip Fracture Mortality

Volume 10, Number 1, January 2012

  • Xiaohu Li and Rui Fang
    A New Family of Bivariate Copulas Generated by Univariate Distributions
  • Vassiliki Bountziouka and Demosthenes B. Panagiotakos
    The Role of Rotation Type used to Extract Dietary Patterns through Principal Component Analysis, on their Short-Term Repeatability
  • Yan Yan, Kimberly A. Reske, Victoria J. Fraser, Graham A. Colditz and Erik R. Dubberke
    Using Appropriate Functional Forms for Continuous Variables and Improving Predictive Accuracy in Developing the Risk Model of Clostridium Difficile Infection
  • Dewi Rahardja, Yan D. Zhao and Hongmei Zhang
    Bayesian Credible Sets for a Binomial Proportion Based on One-Sample Binary Data Subject to One Type of Misclassification
  • Roger J. Marshall and Panagiota Kitsantas
    Stability and Structure of CART and SPAN Search Generated Data Partitions for the Analysis of Low Birth Weight
  • Esra Satici and Haydar Demirhan
    Use of Generalized Maximum Entropy Estimation for Freight Flows Modelling and an Application
  • Shih-Feng Huang, Yao-Chun Liu and Jing-Yu Wu
    An Empirical Study on Implied GARCH Models
  • Wei Ning, Junvie Pailden and Arjun Gupta
    Empirical Likelihood Ratio Test for the Epidemic Change Model
  • Saeid Tahmasebi and Ali Akbar Jafari
    Estimation of a Scale Parameter of Morgenstern Type Bivariate Uniform Distribution by Ranked Set Sampling
  • Ling Chen, Chengjie Xiong, J. Philip Miller and Feng Gao
    Power and Sample Size Calculations with the Additive Hazards Model
  • Recognition of Referees

Volume 9, Number 4, October 2011

  • Shin-Soo Kang and Michael D. Larsen
    Tests of Independence with Incomplete Contingency Tables Using Likelihood Functions
  • Gordon G. Bechtel
    True-Value Regression with Non-Response
  • Nihal Ata and Gamze Ozel
    A Multivariate Non-Parametric Hazard Model for Earthquake Occurrences in Turkey
  • Dewi Rahardja and Dean M. Young
    Confidence Intervals for the Risk Ratio Using Double Sampling with Misclassified Binomial Data
  • Masaru Kanba and Kanta Naito
    Selection of Smoothing Parameter for One-Step Sparse Estimates with Lq Penalty
  • Richard P. Hauser and David Booth
    Predicting Bankruptcy with Robust Logistic Regression
  • Francesco Lagona and Marco Picone
    A Latent-Class Model for Clustering Incomplete Linear and Circular Data in Marine Studies
  • Kuntal Bhattacharyya, Pratim Datta and David Booth
    To Do or Not To Do Business with a Country: A Robust Classification Approach
  • Lin Zhang, Yan D. Zhao and Jack D. Tubbs
    Inference for Semiparametric AUC Regression Models with Discrete Covariates
  • Joseph Ngatchou-Wandji and Christophe Paris
    On the Zero-Inflated Count Models with Application to Modelling Annual Trends in Incidences of Some Occupational Allergic Diseases in France

Volume 9, Number 3, July 2011

  • Junfeng Shang
    A Bayesian Multiple Comparison Procedure for Simple Order-Restricted Mixed Models with Missing Values
  • Jiantian Wang
    Estimation of Lifetime Distribution with Missing Censoring
  • Ernest Fokoue
    Stable Radial Basis Function Selection via Mixture Modelling of the Sample Path
  • Aboobacker Jahufer and Jianbao Chen
    Measuring Local Influential Observations in Modified Ridge Regression
  • Mansoureh Ghodsi and Saeid Sanei
    Support Vector Machines for Classification of Temporomandibular Disorders from Facial Pattern Values
  • Demissie Alemayehu
    Perspectives on Pooled Data Analysis: the Case for an Integrated Approach
  • Mark C. Greenwood, Richard S. Sojda, Julia L. Sharp, Rory G. Peck and Donald O. Rosenberry
    Multi-scale Clustering of Functional Data with Application to Hydraulic Gradients in Wetlands
  • Rung-Ching Tsai and Ulf Bockenholt
    Understanding Choice Behavior Beyond Option Scaling Using Structural Equation Models
  • Guo-Liang Tian, Man-Lai Tang and Jun-Wu Yu
    Bayesian Estimation and Prediction for the Power Law Process with Left-Truncated Data
  • Rand R. Wilcox
    Inferences about a Probabilistic Measure of Effect Size When Dealing with More Than Two Groups

Volume 9, Number2, April 2011

  • Chuan-Pin Lee and Mong-Na Lo Huang
    D-Optimal Designs for Second-Order Response Surface Models with Qualitative Factors
  • Hung-Mo Lin, Shannon K. McClintock and John M. Williamson
    Correction for Two-Group Sample Size Calculation with Uncertain Group Membership
  • Ahmed M. Gad
    A Selection Model for Longitudinal Data with Non-Ignorable Non-Monotone Missing Values
  • Xiangsheng Xia and David H. Miller
    The Stratification Analysis of Sediment Data for Lake Michigan
  • Mike Cox
    Is the Banker a Myth?
  • Robert J. Gallop, Sona Dimidjian, David C. Atkins and Vito Muggeo
    Quantifying Treatment Effects When Flexibly Modeling Individual Change in a Nonlinear Mixed Effects Model
  • Kei Hirose, Shuichi Kawano, Sadanori Konishi and Masanori Ichikawa
    Bayesian Information Criterion and Selection of the Number of Factors in Factor Analysis Models
  • Eduardo Navarrete and Miguel Espinosa
    Using the Non-Parametric Classifier CART to Model Wood Density
  • Abdolreza Eshghi, Dominique Haughton, Pascal Legrand, Maria Skaletsky and Sam Woolford
    Identifying Groups: A Comparison of Methodologies
  • Richard P. Hauser and David Booth
    CEO Bonuses as Studied by Robust Logistic Regression

Volume 9, Number 1, January 2011

  • Rand R. Wilcox
    Comparing Two Dependent Groups: Dealing with Missing Values
  • Yixin Fang
    Asymptotic Equivalence between Cross-Validations and Akaike Information Criteria in Mixed-Effects Models
  • Balgobin Nandram, Jai-Won Choi and Hongyan Xu
    Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Ascertainment Bias in Sampling Siblin
  • Haydar Demirhan
    Latent Class Analysis for Models with Error of Measurement Using Log-Linear Models and An Application to Women's Liberation Data
  • Shenghai Zhang
    Estimating Transmissibility of Seasonal Influenza Virus by Surveillance Data
  • Biswajeet Pradhan
    An Assessment of the Use of an Advanced Neural Network Model with Five Different Training Strategies for the Preparation of Landslide Susceptibility Maps
  • Te-Hsin Liang
    Association between Use of Internet Services and Quality of Life in Taiwan
  • Md. Hasinur Rahaman Khan and J. Ewart H. Shaw
    Multilevel Logistic Regression Analysis Applied to Binary Contraceptive Prevalence Data
  • S. M. Sadooghi-Alvandi, A. R. Nematollahi, Reza Habibi
    Test Procedures for Change Point in a General Class of Distributions
  • Yuanjia Wang and Yixin Fang
    Adjusting for Treatment Effect when Estimating or Testing Genetic Effect is of Main Interest

Volume 8, Number 4, October 2010

  • Announcement: Editor-elect
  • Zhide Fang, Xiaohu Li and Lizhe Xu
    A Multivariate Method for Normalization in Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Microarray Experiments
  • Gordon G. Bechtel
    True-Value Regression Theory
  • A. Aghamohammadi, M. R. Meshkani and M. Mohammadzadeh
    A Bayesian Approach to Successive Comparisons
  • Victor M. Guerrero and Blanca I. Gaspar
    Edition and Imputation of Multiple Time Series Data Generated by Repetitive Surveys
  • Guofen Yan and J. Sedransk
    The Effect of Sample Composition on Inference for Random Effects Using Normal and Dirichlet Process Models
  • Mohammad Reza Zadkarami and Mahdi Rowhani
    Application of Skew-normal in Classification of Satellite Image
  • Mavis Pararai, Felix Famoye and Carl Lee
    Generalized Poisson-Poisson Mixture Model for Misreported Counts with an Application to Smoking Data
  • Eric D. Olson, Billie S. Anderson and J. Michael Hardin
    The Analysis of Health Care Coverage through Transition Matrices Using a One Factor Model
  • Kimberly A. Walters, Yi Li, Ram C. Tiwari and Zhaohui Zou
    A Weighted-Least-Squares Estimation Approach to Comparing Trends in Age-Adjusted Cancer Rates Across Overlapping Regions
  • Camil Fuchs, David M. Steinberg and Michael Poyurovsky
    On the Estimation and Comparison of Lifetime Morbid Risks

Volume 8, Number 3, July 2010

  • Announcement: Editor-elect
  • W. Holmes Finch
    Imputation Methods for Missing Categorical Questionnaire Data: A Comparison of Approaches
  • Mariana Rodrigues-Motta, Daniel Gianola and Bjorg Heringstad
    A Mixed Effects Model for Overdispersed Zero Inflated Poisson Data with an Application in Animal Breeding
  • Tian Zheng and Joseph L. Gastwirth
    On Bootstrap Tests of Symmetry about an Unknown Median
  • Hua Wang, Yan Yu and Min Li
    On Intraday Shanghai Stock Exchange Index
  • Rand R. Wilcox
    Regression: Comparing Predictors and Groups of Predictors Based on a Robust Measure of Association
  • Hakan Demirtas
    An application of Multiple Imputation under the Two Generalized Parametric Families
  • Michael Haber, Jingjing Gao and Huiman X. Barnhart
    Evaluation of Agreement between Measurement Methods from Data with Matched Repeated Measurements via the Coefficient of Individual Agreement
  • Ram C. Tiwari, Yi Li and Zhaohui Zou
    Interval Estimation for Ratios of Correlated Age-Adjusted Rates
  • Ying Yang, Juanjuan Fan, and Susanne May
    Bimodality of Plasma Glucose Distributions in Whites: A Bootstrap Approach to Testing Mixture Models
  • Karan P. Singh, Alfred A. Bartolucci and Sejong Bae
    The Bayesian Multiple Logistic Random Effects Model for Analysis of Clinical Trial Data

Volume 8, Number 2, April 2010

  • Announcement of Our New Editor
  • Hoon Kim and HeeJeong Lim
    Comparison of Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Models for Chronic Diseases
  • Wen-Jang Huang and Chia-Ling Lai
    A Study of the Suprenewal Process
  • Peter Congdon and Patsy Lloyd
    Estimating Small Area Diabetes Prevalence in the US Using the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
  • Cheng Peng
    Estimating and Testing Quantile-based Process Capability Indices for Processes with Skewed Distributions
  • Stefan Jaeger and Su-Shing Chen
    Information Fusion for Biological Prediction
  • Dominique Haughton and Phong Nguyen
    Multilevel Models and Inequality in Viet Nam Multilevel Models and Inequality in Viet Nam
  • Chong Ho Yu, Samuel DiGangi, Angel Jannasch-Pennell and Charles Kaprolet
    A Data Mining Approach for Identifying Predictors of Student Retention from Sophomore to Junior Year
  • Basilio de B. Pereira, Calyampudi R. Rao, Rubens L. Oliveira and Emilia M. do Nascimento
    Combining Unsupervised and Supervised Neural Networks in Cluster Analysis of Gamma-Ray Burst
  • Matthew J. Hayat, Ram C. Tiwari, Kaushik Ghosh, Mark Hachey, Ben Hankey and Rocky Feuer
    Age-Adjusted US Cancer Death Rate Predictions
  • Stanley Xu, Paul Gargiullo, John Mullooly, David McClure Simon J. Hambidge and Jason Glanz
    Fitting Parametric and Semi-parametric Conditional Poisson Regression Models with Cox's Partial Likelihood in Self-controlled Case Series and Matched Cohort Studies

Volume 8, Number 1, January 2010

  • Yoon Young Jung, Youngja Park, Dean P. Jones, Thomas R. Ziegler and Brani Vidakovic
    Self-similarity in NMR Spectra: An Application in Assessing the Level of Cysteine
  • Thomas L. Moore and Vicki Bentley-Condit
    A Study of Permutation Tests in the Context of a Problem in Primatology
  • Jing Wang
    A Nonparametric Approach Using Dirichlet Process for Hierarchical Generalized Linear Mixed Models
  • Matthew J. Davis
    Contrast Coding in Multiple Regression Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Utility of Popular Coding Structures
  • Hossein Hassani, Shahin Gheitanchi and Mohammad Reza Yeganegi
    On the Application of Data Mining to Official Data
  • Viviana Giampaoli and Arnaldo Mandel
    Language Rhythm Model Selection by Weighted Kappa
  • Gianna Agro, Frank Lad and Giuseppe Sanfilippo
    Sequentially Forecasting Economic Indices Using Mixture Linear Combinations of EP Distributions
  • Marwa Ahmed and Mohamed Shoukri
    A Bayesian Estimator of the Intracluster Correlation Coefficient from Correlated Binary Responses
  • Zhao Chen
    Empirical Bayes Analysis on the Power Law Process with Natural Conjugate Priors
  • Juha Karvanen, Olli Saarela and Kari Kuulasmaa
    Nonparametric Multiple Imputation of Left Censored Event Times in Analysis of Follow-up Data
  • Betsy L. Cadwell, Theodore J. Thompson, James P. Boyle and Lawrence E. Barker
    Bayesian Small Area Estimates of Diabetes Prevalence by U.S. County, 2005

Volume 7, Number 4, October 2009

  • Erhard Reschenhofer
    Super-Whiteness of Returns Spectra
  • Vicente G. Cancho, Edwin M. M. Ortega and Heleno Bolfarine
    The Log-exponentiated-Weibull Regression Models with Cure Rate: Local Influence and Residual Analysis
  • Rand R. Wilcox
    Two-by-two ANOVA: Global and Graphical Comparisons Based on an Extension of the Shift Function
  • Liang Zhu, Jianguo Sun and Phillip Wood
    Methods for the Analysis of Alcohol and Drug Uses for Young Adults
  • Cheng K. Lee and Jenq-Daw Lee
    A Fractional Survival Model
  • Haydar Demirhan and Canan Hamurkaroglu
    An Application of Bayesian Model Averaging Approach to Traffic Accidents Data Over Hierarchical Log-Linear Models
  • Weichung Joe Shih and Junfeng Liu
    A Simple Method for Screening Binary Models with Large Sample Size and Continuous Predictor Variables
  • Timothy E. O'Brien and Martin B. Berg
    Getting the Most from Data --- Maximizing Information and Power by Using Appropriate and Modern Statistical Methods

Volume 7, Number 3, July 2009

  • Ernest Fokoue
    Bayesian Computation of the Intrinsic Structure of Factor Analytic Models
  • Wan Tang, Qin Yu, Paul Crits-Christoph and Xin M. Tu
    A New Analytic Framework for Moderation Analysis --- Moving Beyond Analytic Interactions
  • Shenghua Kelly Fan
    Measurement Errors and Imperfect Detection Rates on the Transect Line in Independent Observer Line Transect Surveys
  • Scott W. Miller, Debajyoti Sinha, Elizabeth H. Slate, Donald Garrow and Joseph Romagnuolo
    Bayesian Adaptation of the Summary ROC Curve Method for Meta-analysis of Diagnostic Test Performance
  • Jiantian Wang and Pablo Zafra
    Estimating Bivariate Survival Function by Volterra Estimator Using Dynamic Programming Techniques
  • M. A. A. Cox
    Multidimensional Scaling as an Aid for the Analytic Network and Analytic Hierarchy Processes
  • Rickey E, Carter, Xuyang Zhang, Robert F. Woolson and Christian C. Apfel
    Statistical Analysis of Correlated Relative Risks
  • Subir Ghosh and Arunava Chakravartty
    Some Observations in Likelihood Based Fitting of Longitudinal Models for Binary Data

Volume 7, Number 2, April 2009

  • Kasing Man and Chung Chen
    On a Stepwise Hypotheses Testing Procedure and Information Criterion in Identifying Dynamic Relations between Time Series
  • Reena Deutsch, Monica Rivera Mindt, Ronghui Xu, Mariana Cherner, Igor Grant, and the HNRC Group
    Quantifying Relative Superiority among Many Binary-valued Diagnostic Tests in the Presence of a Gold Standard
  • G. Jones, A. D. L. Noble, B. Schauer and N. Cogger
    Measuring the Attenuation in a Subject-specific Random Effect with Paired Data
  • Simon Sai Man Kwok, Wai Keung Li and Philip Leung Ho Yu
    The Autoregressive Conditional Marked Duration Model: Statistical Inference to Market Microstructure
  • Yungtai Lo
    Estimating Age-specific Prevalence of Testosterone Deficiency in Men Using Normal Mixture Models
  • Maela Kloareg and David Causeur
    Double Sampling Designs to Reduce the Non-discovery Rate: Application to Microarray Data
  • Timothy E. O'Brien and Gerald M. Funk
    Encouraging Students to Think Critically: Regression Modeling and Goodness-of-Fit
  • Gordon G. Bechtel
    Panel Regression of Arbitrarily Distributed Responses
  • Jae Keun Yoo
    Iterative Optimal Sufficient Dimension Reduction for Conditional Mean in Multivariate Regression
  • Fan C. Meng
    On Some Structural Importance of System Components

Volume 7, Number 1, January 2009

  • Yuanjia Wang and Yixin Fang
    Least square and Empirical Bayes Approaches for Estimating Random Change Points
  • Sujuan Gao and Rodolphe Thiébaut
    Mixed-effect Models for Truncated Longitudinal Outcomes with Nonignorable Missing Data
  • Enrique E. Alvarez, Francisco J. Ciocchini and Kishori Konwar
    A Locally Stationary Markov Chain Model for Labor Dynamics
  • Alessio Pollice and Giovanna Jona Lasinio
    Two Approaches to Imputation and Adjustment of Air Quality Data from a Composite Monitoring Network
  • Geoffrey Jones and Paul Lyons
    Approximate Graphical Methods for Inverse Regression
  • A. Majumdar and R. Eubank
    Bayesian Semiparametric Sales Projections for the Texas Lottery
  • Terence C. Mills
    Modeling Current Temperature Trends
  • Aylin Alin, Serdar Kurt, Anthony Randal McIntosh, Adile Öniz and Murat Özgören
    Partial Least Squares Analysis in Electrical Brain Activity
  • Xiaoyin Wang and Kevin W. Koepenick
    A Statistical Analysis of Well Failures in Baltimore County
  • Roger L. Goodwin
    A Replicated Experiment Used in Manufacturing

Volume 6, Number 4, October 2008

  • An Analysis of Mathematics and Science Achievements of American Youth with Nonparametric Quantile Regression
  • Analyzing Spatial Panel Data of Cigarette Demand:Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Approach
  • Psychometric Data Analysis: A Size/fit Trade-off Evaluation Procedure for Knowledge Structures
  • A Solution to Separation and Multicollinearity in Multiple Logistic Regression
  • Modeling Nonlinear Relationship among Selected ASEAN Stock Markets
  • Quantile Regression: A Simplified Approach to a Goodness-of-fit Test
  • Capture-recapture Studies with Incomplete Mixed Categorical and Continuous Covariatese
  • Analysis of Covariance Structures in Time Series
  • Life Table Analysis for Evaluating Curative-effect of One-stage Non-submerged Dental Implant in Taiwan
  • Analysis of Contagion in Emerging Markets

Volume 6, Number 3, July 2008

  • In Memory of Professor Jack Chao-sheng Lee --- A Scholar that Never Stops Learning
  • A Copula-based Approach to Option Pricing and Risk Assessment
  • Calibration Design of Implied Volatility Surfaces
  • Multivariate Regression Modeling for Functional Data
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis Using t Linear Mixed Models with Autoregressive Dependence Structures
  • Data Technology --- As a New Concept for Application of Statistics
  • Radio Frequency Identification: A new Opportunity for Data Science
  • Data Mining and Hotspot Detection in an Urban Development Project
  • A New Method for Gene Identification in Comparative Genomic Analysis
  • Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Liver Cirrhosis by Simultaneous Comparisons of the Ultrasound Images of Liver and Spleen

Volume 6, Number 2, April 2008

  • A Statistical Approach for Dating Archaeological Contexts
  • Recovering Vote Choice from Partial Incomplete Data
  • Evaluating Aortic Stenosis Using the Archimedean Copula Methodology
  • On the Principles of Believe the Positive and Believe the Negative for Diagnosis Using Two Continuous Tests
  • Confidence Band for Additive Regression Model
  • Bayesian Wavelet Regression for Spatial Estimation
  • Application of the Pattern-Mixture Latent Trajectory Model in an Epidemiological Study with Non-Ignorable Missingness
  • Identifying the Unique Projection and Follow-up Runs for k = 4 or 5 Important Factors from the n = 12, 20 or 24-run Plackett Burman Designs
  • A Bayesian Approach to Zero-Numerator Problems Using Hierarchical Models

Volume 6, Number 1, January 2008

  • Estimating Optimum Linear Combination of Multiple Correlated Diagnostic Tests at a Fixed Specificity with Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves
  • Indirect Area Estimates of Disease Prevalence: Bayesian Evidence Synthesis with an Application to Coronary Heart Disease
  • Models for Value-added Investigations of Teaching Styles Data
  • Bayesian Circle Segmentation with Application to DNA Copy Number Alteration Detection
  • A Note on Hypothesis Testing with Random Sample Sizes and its Relationship to Bayes Factors
  • Identifying Multisubject Cortical Activation in Functional MRI: A Frequency Domain Approach
  • Joint Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Low Incidence Cancers Sharing Common Risk Factors
  • Underlying and Multiple Causes of Death in Preterm Infants

Volume 5, Number 4, October 2007

  • Distortion Diagnostics for Covariate-adjusted Regression: Graphical Techniques Based on Local Linear Modeling
  • Count Regression Models with an Application to Zoological Data Containing Structural Zeros
  • Application of Multiple Imputation to Data from Two-phase Sampling: Estimation of the Incidence Rate of Cognitive Impairment
  • Power Calculations for ZIP and ZINB Models
  • Distribution-Free Regression: Reinterpreting Design-Based Sampling
  • The Determinants of Birth Interval in Ahvaz-Iran: A Graphical Chain Modeling Approach
  • Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Regional Innovation Capability: A Case of China
  • Textbooks on Differential Calculus in Eighteenth Century Europe: A Comparative Stylistic Analysis

Volume 5, Number 3, July 2007

  • Linear Information Models: An Introduction
  • Stochastic Diffusion Modeling of Degradation Data
  • How to Find Multiple Systems Underlying a Two-Way Table of 0's and 1's, With Applications to Cognitive Impairments and Medical Laboratory Science
  • The Time Resolution in Lag-Sequential Analysis: A Choice with Consequences
  • A New Change-Point Rank Tests
  • Statistics in Metrology: International Key Comparisons and Interlaboratory Studies
  • Dirichlet-multinomial Model with Varying Response Rates over Time
  • Comparisons of Gene Expression Indexes for Oligonucleotide Arrays
  • A Posterior Distribution for the Normal Mean Arising from a Ratio
  • Detection of Differentially Expressed Genes In Small Sets of cDNA Microarrays

Volume 5, Number 2, April 2007

  • Exploring Gene Expression Data, Using Plots
  • Principal Component Analysis in Linear Regression Survival Model with Microarray Data
  • Small F-ratios: Red Flags in the Linear Model
  • Alternative Tests of Independence in Two-Way Categorical Tables
  • Singular Spectrum Analysis: Methodology and Comparison
  • Automated Linking PUBMED Documents with GO Terms Using SVM
  • Missing Information as a Diagnostic Tool for Latent Class Analysis
  • Nonparametric Estimation of the Incubation Period of AIDS with Left Truncation and Right Censoring

Volume 5, Number 1, January 2007

  • Pseudo-likelihood Methods for the Analysis of Longitudinal Binary Data Subject to Nonignorable Non-monotone Missingness
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Anti-smoking Media Campaigns by Recall and Rating Scores --- A Pattern-Mixture GEE Model Approach
  • Application of EM Algorithm to Mixture Cure Model for Grouped Relative Survival Data
  • Using Occupancy Models to Estimate the Number of Duplicate Cases in a Data System without Unique Identifiers
  • A Frailty Model to Assess Plant Disease Spread from Individual Count Data
  • Nonparametric Modeling of Quarterly Unemployment Rates
  • Statistical Analysis of Electricity Prices
  • Literate Life Expectancy in Bangladesh: A New Approach of Social Indicator

Volume 4, Number 4, October 2006

  • Data Information in Contingency Tables: A Fallacy of Hierarchical Loglinear Models
  • A Spatio-Temporal Forecasting Approach for Health Indicators
  • Exploring the Use of Subpopulation Membership in Bayesian Hierarchical Model Assessment
  • Modeling Panel Time Series with Mixture Autoregressive Model
  • Linear Mixed Models for Longitudinal Data with Nonrandom Dropouts
  • A Quantile Regression Analysis of Family Background Factor Effects on Mathematical Achievement
  • Allometric Extension for Multivariate Regression
  • Comparisons of Split-linear Fitting of Wind Curves

Volume 4, Number 3, July 2006

  • An Modified PLSR Method in Prediction
  • Testing for Activation in Data from FMRI Experiments
  • An Evaluation of Multiple Behavioral Risk Factors for Cancer in a Working Class, Multi-Ethnic Population
  • Reducing Subjectivity in the Likelihood
  • Application of One Sided t-tests and a Generalized Experiment Wise Error Rate to High-Density Oligonucleotide Microarray Experiments: An Example Using Arabidopsis
  • Developing Multivariate Survival Trees with a Proportional Hazards Structure
  • Critical Values and Power for a Small Sample Test of Difference in Proportions in the Presence of Extra-Binomial Variation
  • Improved Tolerance Limits by Combining Analytical and Experimental Data: An Information Integration Methodology

Volume 4, Number 2, April 2006

  • A Bayesian Approach to the Multiple Comparisons Problem
  • A Growing Self-Organizing Neural Network for Lifestyle Segmentation
  • A Robust Approach to the Interest Rate Term Structure Estimation
  • Estimating Vaccine Efficacy from Household Data Using Surrogate Outcome and a Validation Sample
  • Training Students and Researchers in Bayesian Methods
  • Statistical Functional Modeling of Quality Changes of Garlic under Different Storage Regimes
  • Bifactorial Design Applied to Recombinant Protein Expression

Volume 4, Number 1, January 2006

  • On the Use of Geostatistical Cross-Association Method for Lithostratigraphical Correlation
  • A Dynamic Spatial Model for Chronic Wasting Disease in Colorado
  • Using Hybrid Clustering to Approximate Fastest Paths on Urban Networks
  • A Comparison of Propensity Score and Linear Regression Analysis of Complex Survey Data
  • Using Conditional Copula to Estimate Value at Risk
  • Zero-Inflated Generalized Poisson Regression Model with an Application to Domestic Violence Data

Volume 3, Number 4, October 2005

  • A Unified Computational Framework to Compare Direct and Sequential False Discovery Rate Algorithms for Exploratory DNA Microarray Studies
  • Application of a Mixed Effects Model for Biosurveilliance of Regional Rail Systems
  • Deinstitutionalization in California: Mortality of Persons with Developmental Disabilities after Transfer into Community Care, 1997-1999
  • Industrial Effects and the CAPM: From the Views of Robustness and Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Predicting Confidence Intervals for the Age-Period-Cohort Model
  • Skew-normal Linear Mixed Models
  • Sampling Random Variables: A Paradigm Shift for Opinion Polling
  • A Monte Carlo Comparison of Two Linear Dimension Reduction Matrices for Statistical Discrimination

Volume 3, Number 3, July 2005

  • Efficient Sampling Design in Audit Data
  • Estimating the Interest Rate Term Structures of Treasury and Corporate Debt with Bayesian Penalized Splines
  • Application and Comparison of Methods for Analysing Correlated Interval-censored Data from Sexual Partnerships
  • Testing Statistical Significance of the Area under a Receiving Operating Characteristics Curve for Repeated Measures Design with Bootstrapping
  • Monitoring the SARS Epidemic in China: A Time Series Analysis
  • Is the Scientific Discovery of DNA Fingerprint by Chance or by Design?
  • Multiple Change Point Analysis for the Regular Exponential Family using the Product Partition Model

Volume 3, Number 2, April 2005

  • History and Potential of Binary Segmentation for Exploratory Data Analysis
  • A Diagnostic for Assessing the Influence of Cases on the Prediction of Random Effects in a Mixed Model
  • Influence Diagnostics for Linear Mixed Models
  • Designing for Parameter Subsets in Gaussian Nonlinear Regression Models
  • General Marginal Regression Models for the Joint Modeling of Event Frequency and Correlated Severities with Applications to Clinical Trials
  • Analyzing Collinear Data by Principal Component Regression Approach --- An Example from Developing Countries
  • On the Radical Views of Coal Miners in the Early Twentieth Century in Southern Illinois

Volume 3, Number 1, January 2005

  • An Application of Graphical Modeling to the Analysis of Intranet Benefits and Applications
  • Exact Robust Tests for Detecting Candidate-Gene Association in Case-Parents Trio Design
  • Increasing the Precision of Estimates of Immunization Coverage Among 19- to 35-Month-Old Children in the United States
  • A Comparison of the Posterior Choropleth Maps for Disease Mapping
  • Observer Variability: A New Approach in Evaluating Interobserver Agreement
  • Comparison of Distance Measures in Cluster Analysis with Dichotomous Data
  • Bayesian Analysis for Change Points in the Volatility of Latin American Emerging Markets

Volume 2, Number 4, October 2004

  • Air Pollution Mix and Emergency Room Visits for Respiratory and Cardiac Diseases in Taipei
  • Estimating Optimal Transformations for Multiple Regression Using the ACE Algorithm
  • Evaluation of Missing Value Estimation for Microarray Data
  • Korean Economic Condition Indicator Using a Neural Network Trained on the 1997 Crisis
  • Relationship between Clinic and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurements in Children
  • Bayes Factors for Comparing Two Restricted Means: An Example Involving Hypertense Individuals

Volume 2, Number 3, July 2004

  • Factor Effects Testing for Mixture Distributions with Application to the Study of Emergence of Pontomyia Oceana
  • Estimating Vehicle Speed from Traffic Count and Occupancy Data
  • A GEE Approach for Estimating Correlation Coefficients Involving Left-censored Variables
  • Using the Box-Cox Power Transformation to Predict Temporally Correlated Longitudinal Data
  • An Analysis of Quasi-complete Binary Data with Logistic Models: Applications to Alcohol Abuse Data
  • On the Generalized Poisson Regression Model with an Application to Accident Data
  • Identifying the Patterns of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Gene Expressions Using Clustering Methods: Comparison and Summary

Volume 2, Number 2, April 2004

  • Selection of an Artificial Neural Network Model for the Post-calibration of Weather Radar Rainfall Estimation
  • A State Duration Model for Brand Choice and Inter-purchase Time
  • Wavelet Analysis of Tide-affected Low Streamflows Series
  • Identify Breast Cancer Subtypes by Gene Expression Profiles
  • Geostatistical Analysis of Chinese Cancer Mortality: Variogram, Kriging and Beyond
  • Statistical Analysis of Market Penetration in a Mandatory Privatized Pension Market Using Generalized Logistic Curves

Volume 2, Number 1, January 2004

  • Unexpected Features of Financial Time Series: Higher-order Anomalies and
  • The Poisson Inverse Gaussian Regression Model in the Analysis of Clustered
    Counts Data
  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Inference in Frailty Models with
    Doubly-censored Data
  • The Environment of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art
  • A Two-stage Bayesian Model for Predicting Winners in Major League
  • Interpretation of Epidemiological Data Using Multiple Correspondence Analysis
    and Log-linear Models
  • SEER: A Graphical Tool for Multidimensional and Categorical Data

Volume 1, Number 4, October 2003

  • The Matrix Expression, Topological Index and Atomic Attribute of Molecular
  • Boosting Applied to Classification of Mass Spectral Data
  • Application of Orthogonal Block Variables and Canonical Correlation Analysis in Modeling Pharmacological Activity of Alkaloids from Plant Medicines
  • The Classification Tree Combined with SIR and Its Applications to Classification of Mass Spectra
  • Multivariate Chemometric Study on the Interfacial Properties of Nucleic-Acid Bases
  • Boiling Points Predictions Study via Dimension Reduction Methods: SIR, PCR and PLSR
  • Data Mining in Chemometrics: Sub-structures Learning via Peak Combinations Searching in Mass Spectra
  • Building an Honest Tree for Mass Spectra Classification Based on Prior Logarithm Normal Distribution

Volume 1, Number 3, July 2003

  • Exploratory Model Selection for Spatially Designed Experiments --- Some Examples
  • Analysis Methods for Supersaturated Design: Some Comparisons
  • Estimation of the Proportion of Sterile Couples Using the Negative Binomial Distribution
  • Imputation Allowing Standard Variance Formulas
  • Comparison of Two Multiple Imputation Procedures in a Cancer Screening Survey
  • Analysis of Bank Failure Using Published Financial Statements: The Case of Indonesia (Part 2)
  • A Survey for Technological Innovation in Taiwan

Volume 1, Number 2, May 2003

  • Analysis of Unbalanced Microarray Data
  • Consistent Parameter Estimation for Lagged Multilevel Models
  • A Classification Statistic for GEE Categorical Response Models
  • Assessing the Effect of an Open-ended Category on the Trend in 2 x K Ordered Tables
  • Comparing Reliabilities of the Strength of Two Container Designs: A Case Study
  • Analysis of Bank Failure Using Published Financial Statements: The Case of Indonesia (Part 1)

Volume 1, Number 1, January 2003

  • Data Quality Effects of Alternative Edit Parameters
  • A Statistical Method of Detecting Bioremediation
  • Use of a Bayesian Changepoint Model to Estimate Effects of a Graduated Driver's Licensing Program
  • Bayesian and Classical Solutions for Binomial Cytogenetic Dosimetry Problem
  • The Design Aspect of the Bruceton Test for Pyrotechnics Sensitivity Analysis