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By "Data Science", we mean almost everything that has something to do with data: Collecting, analyzing, modeling...... yet the most important part is its applications --- all sorts of applications. This journal is devoted to applications of statistical methods at large.

The Journal of Data Science publishes research works on a wide range of topics that involving understanding and making effective use of field data --- i.e., all aspects of applied statistics. We prefer applied research and emphasis is on the relevance of the underlying problem rather than pure mathematical depth. We prefer papers with solid applications and real cases. Detailed technical proof, particularly those that push to the extreme, is not required. The papers published in the Journal of Data Science will cover a wide range of spectrum, as can be seen from the affiliations of the members of our editorial board.

Our goal is to enable scientists to do their research on applied science and through effective use of data. The Journal of Data Science will provide a platform for all data workers to present their views and exchange ideas. All papers are reviewed. The journal will be published in English. A salient feature of this journal is its effective reviewing process: we intend to provide the first solid response in 3 months after receiving the manuscript.

What is good about JDS

  • Our web version is free of charge
  • Speed --- we normally send our first technical response in 3 months
  • Copyright --- the authors keep their copyrights, JDS only asks a permission to print their articles


For the online version, it is free. For the hard copy version, it is 300 USD per year. Click here for subscription forms:

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